Polar Vortex: A Simple Explanation

The polar vortex is one of the more confusing weather phenomena. With so much evidence that our planet is warming, from collapsing glaciers to acidic oceans why is it that we have these times of extreme cold? This video offers one of the best, and simplest, explanations available:

Ilulissat Glacier, Greenland

The Ilulissat Glacier in Greenland is just one of several glaciers (including the Sólheimajökull Glacier in Iceland and Mendenhall Glacier in Alaska) that are rapidly changing. While all glaciers shift, retreat and break in different ways the Ilulissat Glacier holds the concerning honor of presenting the largest glacier calving event ever captured on film. In fact, …

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Sólheimajökull Glacier, Iceland

The Sólheimajökull Glacier in Iceland is one of several glaciers that is actively retreating. Along with the Mendenhall and Columbia Glaciers in Alaska, the Sólheimajökull Glacier is just one of the dozens of glaciers that are retreating as a result of climate change. And while amazing teams of scientists, photographers, and others have created impactful …

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Mendenhall Glacier, Alaska

The Mendenhall Glacier in Alaska is one of several glaciers that are actively retreating as a result of climate change. While this has been occurring for centuries, the changes are most prominent over the last several years as you can see in this time-lapse video collected by the Extreme Ice Survey team:   While glaciers …

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Columbia Glacier, Alaska

The Columbia Glacier in Alaska is one of the fastest retreating glaciers in the world with a speed of 98 feet a day recorded in 2001. You can see this concerning and rapid retreat (i.e. shrinking) over the last 35 years in this video created by NASA: While there’s plenty of debate as to how …

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