Getting the Picture Achieves Global Impact

One year ago, Earth Vision Institute launched our free online climate education resource Getting The Picture: Our Changing Climate (GTP).  In support of our mission to inspire a more balanced relationship with nature, GTP takes users on an adventure complete with beautiful imagery, video clips from our Emmy-award winning film Chasing Ice, and easy-to-understand science. Please share this free, highly relevant resource with family, friends, colleagues, and educators.


“Getting the Picture is one of ACE’s favorite e-resources for climate education and climate literacy. Unlike anything else out there, it weaves together multimedia, amazing photography, and climate science in an easily accessible and visual format. It’s an excellent and engaging educational resource that inspires youth to make a difference.”  – Alliance for Climate Education




Please Share with Others

Help us keep the momentum going and share GTP with educators who can use the resource in their classrooms.

Special Offer for Educators

Our Emmy award-winning film Chasing Ice is an ideal companion piece for educators addressing climate science education. In honor of GTP’s one-year anniversary, we’re offering educators a 20% ‘Back to School’ discount for K-12 Educational Edition* screenings of the film. Simply go to ro*co films entertainment, add the full-priced edition to your shopping cart, proceed through check-out, and then enter coupon code GETTINGTHEPICTURE in the ‘Discount Coupon’ field.

students_GTPIncludes the feature-length version of Chasing Ice (75 minutes) plus shorter versions, discussion guides for middle school, high school, and university audiences, and a Screening Kit with poster artwork, supplemental images, press kit, etc.


Endorsement by NOAA

GTP is now part of NOAA’s prestigious Climate Literacy and Energy Network (CLEAN)—an approved collection of high-quality digital resources geared toward educators of students in secondary through undergraduate levels. Handpicked and rigorously reviewed, the collection features top educational resources that align with the Climate Literacy and Energy Literacy frameworks.

Facebook Teachers Forum

With over 60+ educators and growing, the Getting The Picture Teachers Forum group on Facebook continues to be a unique platform to ask questions and share current events, interesting news, and engaging activities.

What’s Next


You can help us keep this resource current with the latest climate science research and expand our outreach efforts to millions of educators and students across the globe! With your support, we will translate GTP to make it accessible to the 330 million Spanish speakers around the world. Every dollar makes a difference.

Girl w ice_Intro_conclusion_01Tablets: New partnerships are focused on integrating our online resource into existing educational displays in zoos, aquariums, museums, and state and national parks throughout the U.S. With a simple tablet and educational signage, we will integrate our online resource into existing displays and reach hundreds of thousands more eager learners.

Training: We believe that technology can be used to connect with educators and students through live webinars and professional development training programs. Soon, educators will be able to tune into free, online, training and Q&A sessions with the Earth Vision Institute team and some of our top collaborators.

Special thanksBalog_Chase your dreams

We’re grateful to our collaborators, donors, teachers, and students, including: Edith S. Briskin/SKS Foundation, Rocky and Laura Henderson, Dan McCarthy, The Head Family Foundation/William C. Head, MD, President, Kit Laybourne, Ginny Jordan, Paul Salinger, Sally Hart, Kent Fuller, Amanda Adare, Elizabeth (Bissy) Gaudiano, Lindsay Friedman, Sierra Voss, NASA, NOAA, Environmental Protection Agency, USGS, US Fish and Wildlife Service, National Wildlife Federation, and The WILD Foundation, an anonymous Boulder-based family foundation.