A letter from James Balog:

As I write to you on a day of powder snow and brilliant sunshine in the Rockies, a skiing metaphor occurs to me: the New Year is shaping up to be an exhilarating run down through sparkling slopes of art and the imagination.

I would like to thank you, on behalf of all of us at Earth Vision Institute (EVI), for your support in 2013. Our partnership has allowed EVI to creatively present the evidence that we all hope inspires positive social action.

This past year’s public outreach program has been immensely gratifying.  EVI multimedia presentations and screenings of the documentary Chasing Ice have gone from the White House to the United Nations…from the Bloomberg New Energy Finance Summit to the Young Presidents Organization…from Seattle to Nantucket…from London to Beijing.  We have touched many millions of people with our message.

Looking forward:

The Extreme Ice Survey (EIS) will continue to maintain the existing network of thirty-one time-lapse cameras that capture images depicting change in glacial activity.  We will expand our network in February 2014, to include remote sites in Antarctica and South Georgia.  These efforts are made possible in part by a fantastic partnership with Lindblad Expeditions and to a Nikon sponsorship.

Our educational outreach program will expand to include an e-book (both Mac and PC versions) targeted at teachers and students of middle school climate education.  This tool will be provided free of charge.

Fieldwork, education, and outreach costs for 2013 totaled $529,000.  We plan to budget a similar amount in 2014.  If you are still considering your year-end gifts, we hope that you will consider Earth Vision Institute.  All of the gifts made before the 31st will go directly to support our increasingly important work.

We couldn’t do this without you and are grateful for your support.

I am very grateful you have been on this wonderful run with us, and look forward to our continued collaboration in the future. All of us at Earth Vision Institute wish you and yours a most delightful and joyous holiday season.

All the Best,
James Balog


Highlights in 2013

  • EVI/EIS team presented the story of Chasing Ice and climate at the White House. A screening of Chasing Ice played to an audience of top-level Executive Branch Staff.
  • Chasing Ice was screened at the United States Capitol Building.  DVD copies were hand delivered to every member of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.
  • ”Before My Time,” the song that closes Chasing Ice, received an Academy Award nomination for Best Original Song. 43 million television viewers saw a long and beautiful sample of the film during the worldwide Oscar broadcast.
  • Photography from the EIS program was featured in National Geographic 125th Anniversary Collector Edition: The Photography Issue.
  • Educational EIS photographic exhibit was installed and EVI Public Service Announcement aired on CNN monitors at O’Hare Airport.

New Videos Released in 2013

This video provides an introduction to paleoclimate investigations on Baffin Island in the Canadian Arctic. EIS Northern Hemisphere Program Manager, Matthew Kennedy, documented an expedition led by Dr. Gifford Miller, glacial geologist at the University of Colorado’s Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research.  The team found conclusive evidence that these glaciers have been in place for 120,000 years or more, and are in fact melting under the onslaught of today’s warming climate.

This time-lapse coverage includes the latest camera download from the Ilulissat Glacier in Greenland and is a compilation of six years of continuous coverage.  The glacier’s rate of retreat has doubled in the past two years and is the main conduit for depositing Greenland’s ice into the Atlantic Ocean.  The glacier will continue to make a dramatic retreat into the interior of the country.

EVI Timeline 2013

This year we have focused much of our efforts on Outreach and Education as the film Chasing Ice and work of James Balog and EIS has received tremendous attention. Our Field Work will continue to expand as we set the stage for new Expeditions and Creative Work in 2014.

Extreme Ice Survey Location Map 2013

Extreme Ice Survey Location Map 2013

“Meltdown” article in National Geographic’s 125th Collectors Edition: The Photo Issue (Sample)

National Geographic Magazine: 125th Passion for Photography Issue

National Geographic Magazine: 125th Passion for Photography Issue

National Geographic Magazine: 125th Passion for Photography Issue

National Geographic Magazine: 125th Passion for Photography Issue

National Geographic Magazine: 125th Passion for Photography Issue

National Geographic Magazine: 125th Passion for Photography Issue

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