Earth Vision Institute is committed to documenting visual evidence of our changing world. Our film, photography and journal archives offer a fresh perspective to engage and inspire global citizens, science educators, and learners of all ages.

Our community (that’s you!) donated over $50,000 at the end of 2014 to match our private donor’s grant of $50,000, providing over $100,000 to fund our 2015 Art+Science videos.

In 2014
We inspired 1.5+ million people with our Exhibits.
We told our story to 1.3 million individuals through Social Media.
We revealed environmental change to over 14 million viewers with our videos.

Emmy® Award 

Our film Chasing Ice is honored to have received the 2014 News and Documentary Emmy® award for Outstanding Nature Programming.

Videos Released

While the global challenges are apparent, Earth Vision Institute aims to present a straightforward message about each topic with an optimistic outlook on what we as a society can do to make a difference.

Three Science Webisodes on our Videos page: Featuring prominent scientists explaining some of today’s most pressing climate change issues.

See our work in action:


  • Design/Miami Swarovski Exhibit: Thinning Ice


Speaking Engagements

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Content Featured in Media & Events

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Online Multimedia Resource – Getting the Picture: Our Changing Climate

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Critically acclaimed photographer James Balog and our Earth Vision Institute team developed a free online, interactive multimedia tool containing the latest in climate science education, featuring unique archives of media, film, photography and first-hand accounts of our changing climate. This resource was produced for educators and learners of all ages.

Education Partners

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Extreme Ice Survey (EIS) Behind the Scenes

  • Our EIS Team sets sail for Antarctica in February 2014

Thank YOU for your support!

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If you were inspired by Chasing Ice, get ready for 2015…
With your support, our team can stay in the field, bringing the world our eyewitness accounts of the greatest challenge of our time: Climate Change. 

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