NPR: Environmental Photographer Focuses On Protecting The Climate — And Its People

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Our guest James Balog is an award-winning photographer, whose work explores the relationship between humans and nature. It’s a subject that’s taken on increased urgency, he believes, with growing evidence of the impact of climate change. He was last on our show to talk about climate change and the melting of Arctic glacial ice, which he documented through time-lapse photography. That led to his project the Extreme Ice Survey and his film “Chasing Ice.”

Now he’s featured in a new documentary called “The Human Element,” which follows him as he documents places and people affected by rising oceans, wildfires and air pollution associated with climate change. The film is available for streaming on iTunes and other digital platforms. James Balog is founder of the Earth Vision Institute and is the author of eight books. He spoke with FRESH AIR’s Dave Davies.