An Amazing Climate Change Exhibition

The fact that climate change has even been politicized is one of the greatest setbacks our environment has ever faced.

However, I still believe it’s exactly that: a setback and not a final blow.

Eventually, climate change will be too difficult to ignore. Just like anything else, when it’s right in front of you, it’s impossible to ignore. But the problem is that climate change is often most apparent in the most remote and hard-to-reach places in the world like Antarctica. Less than 200,000 people a year ever even make it to the remote region but even then in order to really see the impact of climate change you need to see everything over time.

Sometimes, it takes a very long time and the environment typically works in millennia and not simple years like humans.

But that’s where a team of photographers and naturalists have entered the picture to help with beautiful, detailed, and chilling timelapse photos showing the massive changes in glaciers across Antarctica.

You can see the photos along with an amazing exhibition on climate change here:

Political lines don’t matter when the evidence is photographic and clear as day. Well, at least that would be the hope and while push back will still inevitably occur the hope is that exhibitions like this can help sound the alarm before it’s too late.